I got this lovely and tattered alphabet poster from India, courtesy of Cost Plus. Sometimes that place gives me exactly what I need, for a mere pittance. Oh, and by the way, Oregonian friends; Trader Joe's Two-Buck-Chuck is actually two bucks here, as opposed to the three they dare to charge in Portland. The irony is that I can't take advantage of this remarkable price, because I live with my parents and am a teetotaler! (Except for all those vodka-and-energy-drink cocktails on Saturday...oh yeah. My drinking enablers, I thank you; you know who you are. :)


sue said...

2 buck chuck out here is more like 10 buck chuck! yuk. i miss the hell out of trader joe's or giotto's or whatever you call him.

some dude said...

TJs is my favorite store. I'm there so often, customers actually come up to me asking me stuff thinking I work there. Now I try to dress a little different when I go.