If you build it, he will come!

I'm not sure how ashamed of this I am, but I know it's at least a little ashamed. I just watched Field of Dreams, and I loved it. I totally cried. Dammit! Maybe I should dig out the family copy of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and find out how much I love Kevin Costner.

AAAA! Now that I think of it, I did see Waterworld in the theater...oh my god. Am I a closet Costner-lover?! This is not good.


Derek said...

You should talk to Viktoria about her love for The Cost. I keep getting recommended Open Range, but I can't bring myself to watch it, if I enjoyed it I would have to look myself in the mirror and wonder who I really am, and I'm just not ready for that kind of heavy load.
See you on the other side,

housman said...

You don't know me or anything, but I'm a good friend of LizFed, and she encouraged me to examine your little blog here. I just wanted to say that I love Field of Dreams so much, I also watched it yesterday and cried. Although I always cry during that last scene. In fact I blogged all about it-check out my blog if you're interested.

kit said...

oh, man... my biggest problem with waterworld is how dirty everyone is... where is this dirt coming from?!? i have been tempted recently to watch dances with wolves... whatever you do, avoid the postman like the plague!