For the next two months, I will be working at a medical imaging center. The facility does MRI's, CAT scans, and X-rays. So far, I have put a lot of different papers into different folders, and then I put the folders in cabinets. As simple as this act may sound, it is terrifying. What if I put the wrong paper in the wrong folder, or I forget to make a copy of the flash sheet or the report? (Oh yeah, I also know all this boring lingo now.) This afternoon I had to call a hospital to get a certain medical record, and I accidentally got in touch with "the doctor," (hushed oohs and ahhs of appreciation added here), who, after I told him what I wanted, said, "I really don't have time for that." Well, excuuuuuuuse me, Mr. Ten Years of Medical School! I told him to shove it, and then I ran screaming out of the building. No, that's not true. I said, "Oh. Okay," and hung up.


Derek said...

That sounds so stressful! But, I have faith in you, I mean you did managed to memorize all of those produce codes last summer.
You said you would be doing this for the next two months, what will you be doing after that, or do you know? Did you get this job through a Temp agency?
I hope you are doing well down there, are you being effected by Gods wrath on California?
So many Q's, So many A's.
Peace Out,

pollyanna cowgirl said...

I am officially a temp! I should have thought of this years ago. Maybe next time I will get a job that allows me to read all five Harry Potter books underneath a desk and eat candy all day. I have a lot of experience in that realm. :)

ted said...

People! We have more important concerns, like how can I get a full body MRI scan after hours or at least on the cheap?

Do you think if you watched enough you'd know what to do? Please say yes,


Desperately in need of full body scan in san diego.

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Dear Desperately,
Although I may have soaked up a great deal of radiation, I have not soaked up much information. The last time I looked into the MRI room window a dude was getting a scrotal scan, so I looked away. Of course.
However, once I make a duplicate of the office key and figure out how to turn off the security system, you should drive down and we will experiment. I'm sure nothing could go wrong.

Miss MRI