The Firefly Express: Special Victims Unit

I was just sitting here, thinking, "Gosh. This new job is really cutting into my Law and Order time," when all of a sudden, those beautiful red, white, and blue words appeared on the TV screen, followed by the ominous chords. "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit." Any show that stars a hardcore rapper, a subversive 80's stand-up comedian, the dude who humped a refrigerator in Wet Hot American Summer, and short-haired hottie Mariska Hargitay is okay in my book. If I had any ambition to be on TV, I would totally strive to play a psychotic sorority girl, or a killer with a big secret.

In other news, I don't know what "collating" means. According to what I overheard today, that's my main task at the old oficina. "Oh, that's Polly. She does all the collating." I do? Does it have anything to do with stapling? Organizing? I think it might mean "staring at scary papers, going to the water cooler, saving scary papers for later, hiding in the back file closet with the MRI equipment."

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kit said...

as far as i know, collating is organizing papers - e.g. make ten copies of a set of ten pages, then put those copies in the right order and in proper sets of ten. mindless paper-cut-inducing stuff. fancy copiers with all the slats on the output side do the same thing. also probably it means filing shit. be sure to peek at medical records and learn about obscure tumor locations, etc.