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I ended up seeing Ladysmith Black Mambazo tonight; my friend's parents didn't want to go and we got their tickets. It was really great, an unexpected nice evening. The old guy next to me kept saying "Yeah!" and taking his hat off, only to put it on again two minutes later. He was very excited. I was excited too, because the show reminded me that there are other people in the world besides myself (yes, I know, it's shocking!) and that they have a lot to deal with. The singers kept reminding the audience that apartheid only ended 11 years ago in South Africa. That's just amazing. Eleven years is not very long.

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ted said...

Well a leopard can't change his spots so here goes...

Did they do any of the brilliant Lifesavers work? I feel it's some of the most complex and emotive that they've ever done, that they're reaching new heights.

And, don't forget, 11 years ago, the BAN APARTHEID sticker industry collapsed, unemploying hundreds and giving college students a new slot in their catalog of vague political interests.