Who wants to go see a David Bowie impersonator at the Chumash Casino? ME, ME, ME! This time last year I got to see the real David Bowie; I think this guy has the potential to be even better. Just kidding. But seriously, I'm going, and anyone who wants to meet me in Santa Ynez on February 19 is going to be in for a treat.


sue said...

i do! i do! oh god how fun!
the coffee shop i go to can only get this totally awful station on the radio. it is sort of this hippie, adult contemporary station. i hate it, but sometimes it rules. for instance: julie and i just heard some jag (pgh-speak for retard) ripping off jon bon jovie's "living on a prayer" using just a piano? oh, god. so this guy performs covers of really bad music including "dude looks like a lady" by aerosmith and is completely serious. a customer just went up to the counter and asked the barista in this sort of confused way, "what are we listening to? is that "living on a prayer by jon bon jovi?" and i haven't even told you about VICTOR yet. just you wait! move over "thank you grandma" there's a new crazy in town! i miss you!

readyrobot said...

Oh, santa ynez. that takes me back. i miss everything being santa this or san that and the news casters practically hocking a loogee in an attempt to pronounce the city names with spanish flair.
the northwest has kimberly moss now. so stick it, california.