"I live off heat...like a baby spider..."

Some films are just about perfect. "The Big Sleep" is one of them; its near flawlessness just knocks me out every single time I see it. I think my favorite thing about it is the dialogue; it's incredible. Every other line is quotable! I guess when Raymond Chandler writes the story and William Faulkner adapts it, the end result is a pretty solid screenplay. Lauren Bacall is white hot, as usual; and ol' Bogey isn't too bad either. I love the scene when he bags the babe in the bookstore. Can you tell that I'm watching it right now? Hey, at least I'm not watching "Ghostbusters II" again. I tend to shy away from a lot of film noir because it seems too dark and boring, but "The Big Sleep" proves my little theory wrong. It rules; watch it.

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