So, I might have watched another movie after The Big Sleep. I've always wanted to see Double Indemnity; I can't keep claiming Billy Wilder as my favorite director without having seen all of his films. It's always interesting to see a story told from the viewpoint of "the bad guy," especially if you're able to sympathize a little. This was also the second movie I've seen starring Barbara Stanwyck; damn, she's awesome. I love her profile; I've always got my eyes open for small, strange noses, as an owner of one myself.

Well, I'd better call it a night, or I might end up watching another movie.

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Derek said...

The Big Sleep and Double Indemnity! It's a slippery slope, soon you'll have to call yourself a fan of Film Noir! ;D
P.S. You are really putting me to shame, I need to start writing!