I'm watching Bringing up Baby for the first time tonight. It's supposedly the best screwball comedy of all time, but, according to my dear friend Robert Osborne, it was the Gigli of its time. Sometimes Katharine Hepburn is just so...Katharine Hepburn. There's no one else like her, that's for sure. So tall and thin; I think I would look like Verne Troyer standing next to her. It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but she is wearing the most excellent hat. Uh-oh; the protagonists just rear-ended a chicken truck. So many feathers! Ha! I love it.


Derek said...

This is one of my favorite movies, and I think it had a large influence on who I am. One day a couple of months ago Margie and I spent the afternoon reminicing almost every scene of this movie on the landing. Even in our retelling I laughed my ass off. I love that Cary Grant based his performance on Harold Lloyd, and Kathrine Hepburn jast kills me in this movie. Aaahh l'amour.

Sarah said...

Have you seen Holiday? It's another great pairing of Cary Grant and Kathrine Hepburn, and one I hadn't heard of until they did a marathon on AMC one time. I think they showed it between Bringing up Baby and The Philadelphia Story...worth checking out sometime.