lovely, lovely sunday

After my much-anticipated and totally awesome dance workshop at the SLO Yoga Centre this evening, I decided I would get myself an iced americano, to celebrate this lovely Sunday. The counterperson was a gentleman, probably in his 50's, with a long salt-and-pepper ponytail and an extremely stony demeanor. "All right...iced...ameri...caaaano? Okk....aaaaayy. How much water? Ohhh...kaaayy." I was feeling chatty, so I told him about the class I just went to and how cool it was.

I paid, he gave me my drink, and as I left, I said, "Thank you, have a nice day!" And he said, "Yeaaah, you too. Enjoy the rest of this beauutiful day...Feel like a bird."

Feel like a bird. I will try.

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ted said...

I think, unfortunately, that it is my personality and not my strange day that had me reading your entry with the barista as being really combative and condescending.

ps: jonathan is doing kundalini yoga and loves it. what kind is your yoga?