On Sunday night I saw David Sedaris read at the Performing Arts Center. It was great. He was less bitchy and mean than the previous times I've seen him, which was kind of nice, but strange. He talked about monkeys quite a bit, and read my new favorite story about some profane folks on an airplane. He also enjoyed lunch at the neighborhood Hometown Buffet, which I find so enchanting! He was really excited about it, too; he said he was amazed by the quantity of horrible food, especially a dish called "Spinach Marie." I love the Sedaris family and everything that they offer.


Derek said...

Both you and Ted made posts about the Sedaris'. Funny. I once gave David Sedaris a $10 bill with my phone number on it. He didn't call me back.

ted said...

Be sure I'm not posting about this Sedaris until some tragedy, poverty or malady comes into his life so I we can get back to Barrel Fever.

And no, this isn't because he broke it off with me for Hue.

Ray said...

If memory serves me correctly David Sedaris was Karl Malden's 1st. choice as his sidekick in "The Streets of San Francisco"...But that would have made him about 3 years old at the time, perhaps im thinking of Michael Jackson....Oh, never mind.