I was speaking to a patient on the phone today. I asked her if she was claustrophobic, and would she like to be sedated with Valium for her MRI. She said she didn't know; what was an MRI like? Was it like a cat scan?

She knew that a cat scan was like being inside of a donut. So I told her that being inside an MRI was like being inside a maple bar.

She opted for the sedation.


Derek said...

LOL! Polly you are a true wit! Dorthy Parker watch out.

ted said...

One with bacon?

Derek said...

MMMM, Bacon Maple Bars are so good. I once had a Cock and Balls from VooDoo Donuts because it was really just a giant Bismark -and I love Bismarks- But it was just too BIG! I Thought I was a PRO but I guess I need to train before I atempt it again.