Found Poem

At my place of employment, patients are required to fill out a series of forms when they come in for their appointments. To make the days more interesting, I like to read the forms as I staple them together. I put together a poem from one woman's answer to the request "please describe your current symptoms."

right side
stabbing pain


all guts sometimes stabbing
sometimes cramping

always getting worse


ted said...
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ted said...

Leaked secrets here-
Nevervous system pains- all mine,
My shame is public

pollyanna cowgirl said...

I swear, I am totally within the HIPAA privacy rules! No names. I do break HIPAA rules all the time at work though; it's a complicated system.

ted said...

I am ok with HIPAA
I break HIPAA at work oft
Difficult system

Derek said...

I think that poem best descibes how I felt at work today. I would love to read more of these Polly.