Living with my parents has its perks, one of which is; I can use the money that I would normally be spending on rent to buy things like these little felt animals and a fancy 60's vinyl purse! I also added another gem to my joke book collection: The Cokesbury Stunt Book.

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Miriam said...

Oh, Polly, last year when I was researching vaudeville I found some joke books here in the library that would have brought you to your knees. So good! I will attempt to reproduce part of my favorite one, an instructional book for vaudeville joke-writing hopefuls. But, you have to understand, the original was so mind-blowingly awesome that nothing can match it.

"You may think that all good scenarios are already worn out! But try to think more creatively. Everyone is tired of seeing the Irishman and his sweetheart -- but what about an Irish aviator and a Jewish telegraph-operator? A German merchant and a Chinese housepainter? A Negro cabdriver and an Irish laundress? The possibilities are endless!"