Today at work a patient was barfing so loud in the bathroom that I had to take my break early. I think that people barf at my workplace not because they're ill, but mostly because they're scared. It's really interesting to see people in such a vulnerable position, wearing little gowns and being strapped down to a table.

The other day, I heard agonized male screams coming from the x-ray room. And a few weeks ago, the most ancient lady came in for an MRI, and was so terrified and confused, she made noises that I didn't know could come out of a human. It was unreal. Like a cat, or a bird, or a little baby, and it went on and on.

Usually, of course, everything is fine. But sometimes, people get scared. I don't blame them.


ted said...

Having been a participant to some pretty kinky shit in the emergency xray room, I thought I would relate my story of torture.

To set this up, keep in mind my neck had been shut in the door of a trimet bus by a driver in training.
It didn't hurt too much then, but the next morning, stiff as a board.

So I go to the urgent care where they know I can barely walk and can't move my arms up or down and to get a clear shot of my atlas vertabrae or something, I have to stand holding a gallon of water in each arm , and if I remember right, with my mouth wide open. Those were some male screams that you might be familiar with.

Something else you may or may not be familiar with? I had to wait to get this torture, as the xray tech had "stepped out" to drive to his bank and deposit his check from where he worked, an urgent care clinic.

Something about "urgent" makes me feel like I shouldn't have to wait for the staff to run errands.

Squidhelmet said...

How could anyone follow up ted's comment. It would be useless to try.