Anne Bancroft died today at age 73. A wonderful, daring actress; she will be missed!


squidhelmet said...

This makes me really sad.

She has been in my mind lately, for two reasons.

1. An ex-girlfriend randomly mailed me a book on CD. It was Gene Wilder's autobiography, "Kiss Me Like a Stranger." Gene Wilder's screen career was really launched by Mel Brooks (who he met through Anne Bancroft at the Actor's Studio).

2. I've been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the premise of the whole season is that Mel Brooks has asked Larry David to play the lead in 'The Producers' on broadway. In the final episode Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft (Married for 40 years) are sitting in a bar and laughing together about how the play is going to be the biggest flop ever.


Derek said...

Ok this is so strange. I was totally thinking about her a couple of hours ago, and how many of her films I have seen, and how I wish 7 Women was on DVD. She will be missed