City of Roses!

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I'm back in beautiful, wonderful Portland, Oregon, drinking an iced Americano with a ton of half-and-half, listening to The Best of Judy Garland (on vinyl, for God's sake!), and watching the sun shine in through these old familiar windows; I think this might be as close to heaven as I'm going to get. Yes, my idea of heaven is very subtle. It also involves things like getting makeovers, drinking wine, watching the season premiere of Six Feet Under, and affirming, live and in person, that my dearest Portland friends are just as fabulous as ever.


Crystal said...

My dearest Polly-I feel that I am sitting right alongside you! I had so much fun last night hanging out with you again, can't wait to hopefully see you later-so much fun to be had!

sue said...

if renegade treats me right i will be visiting you in s.f. i am sad i can't be in pdx with you and all of the lovlies! have fun conway and tell everyone i miss them dearly!

Miriam said...

No way! I'm sooo jealous. Aw, say hello to the Willamette for me. I really miss that town!