Making earrings: the instant gratification craft. So easy, cheap, and fun, and now I have seven new pairs of earrings to wear!


Crystal said...

I love earrings of the future! I have an idea for a craft night, perhaps when you are in town? We all go to Old Navy and buy $8 top tanks, and bedazzle the crap out of them! Sequins, beads, old brooches, whatnot. I was at Anthropologie today and these were all the rage and selling for top dollar. What fun we will have!

Crystal said...

what the hell are top tanks?

Derek said...

I don't know what top tanks are but I love anything that has been bedazzled the crap out of. I love you earrings by the way.

ted said...

top tank?

Is that when they decorate your clint with a beedazzler?

I hear the kids don't settle for jelly bracelets and petting anymore.

sue said...

i almost bought a bedazzler at a garage sale the other day. i have also looked on ebay and they are a dime a dozen...i think i might invest! as far as top tanks, i think it is the only group of words that rhyme with tom hanks!

oh how i love the smile of tom hanks
it makes me want to wear top tanks

i crack myself up so much...i miss when you guys used to laugh at my jokes. i laugh at what you guys post all the time, but you can't hear me laugh and that makes me sad. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!