Sometimes, when I'm plagued by midsummer ennui, I just picture myself walking to school in the fall, wearing a plaid blazer and carrying my books in one of those little belt thingies. I even have a pencil case that I'm, like, so ready to use.

I am going to San Francisco on Saturday to hopefully secure a place in a house. I'm jittery. I think about 70% of me doesn't really believe that this whole "grad school in San Francisco" story is for reals. But lately I've been doing things that are convincing me otherwise, like putting down more deposits for school and actually getting a schedule of classes in the mail. Made out of real paper and everything.

I was looking at Annie Sprinkle's website today, and she referred to San Francisco as "the clitoris of the USA." I kind of like that description. It's fitting. But what does that make Portland? I need answers, people.


ted d. said...

umm, spatially, the navel. Inward obsessed, full of lint and forgotten crumbs.

I miss and love that navel.

ted d. said...

I also love that the travel brochure you posted, only features the mens.

Crystal said...

I too, am having trouble believing that school in the fall is for reals. I am planning to sign away my life to Sallie Mae, and all the underminers in my life keep reminding me that I gotta watch out for them, they are sneaky bastards. Like I would do it if I didn't have to. I keep remembering what David Sedaris said about Sallie Mae, that they make it sound like a naive hillbilly girl, not like a ruthless conglomerate out to getcha. Good luck girl, and don't listen to those underminers!

Derek said...

Possibly the "G" spot. I really don't know, but I figured that I should throw you a bone. It might also be the Prostate, or Sturnum.

Anonymous said...

teh gooch.
end of line