Damn that Cinderella Man!

Who doesn't love the story of a great American hero? I can't resist 'em. The triumph of good over evil, simplified in a way that only Ron Howard dares to put on the big screen. And dammit, that sentimental bastard gets away with it almost every time! It really chaps my hide.

But seriously, folks, Cinderella Man* is a pretty good movie, and not just because I'm a big patriotic sucker. Great acting all around, which made the cheesy, underdog-makes-good plot a lot easier to stomach. I'm so frustrated by Russell Crowe. He's such a detestable guy in real life; cocky, violent, and just plain yucky, but man, he's a great actor. Incredibly versatile. Instantly convincing. How did he get so talented? It drives me crazy. Some guys get all the luck.

I even bought Renee Zellweger's squinty-eyed concern in this movie, possibly because I was busy thinking about getting my hair to look like hers, but maybe because she toned it down a little and gave a really nice, understated performance.

I feel so uplifted and empowered, I'm going to bed.

*This film features only one short gratuitous barfing scene. I expected more barfing, but was pleasantly surprised by the lack of. FYI.

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Derek said...

I kind of want to see this movie, due to my fetish for Boxing movies.Yet I'm scared of the feel-good boxing movie. I'll take your word for it, but I can't promise I won't barf in my box of Red Vines.