Ted gave me this excellent novel, and, because I am who I am, I read the whole thing with gusto. It was like a romance novel with none of the steam, but all of the predictable plot; happily engaged Polly moves to South America, falls in love with the stern but gentle lawyer Nicholas Plataro, who may or may not be a spy for the Nazis. It was great to see my name in print so many times! I'm watching the Tonys right now, and I have to say, it is satisfying so many needs; my inner drama geek is reveling in all the cheesy musical performances, and my inner GEEK geek is really excited to see the song from "Spamalot!" after the commercial break. Don't ever say I tried to hide these things from you. Also, just for the record, Ghostbusters II was on this afternoon, but I resisted yet again. I feel a sad, though; like something's missing...a little empty space in my heart where Peter Venkman could have been.

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Derek said...

Did you know there is a Ghostbusters Box Set coming out in July? I think I might need to get it for you....but would that ruin the chance broadcast? Sometimes it is better to stumble across something, and let it chear your day, than to plan the joy. What are your feelings on the subject Polly?