Holy moly. I just discovered what the Internet is really for.

No, not porn.

It's for looking at pictures of all the caterpillars in the whole wide world. Oh my god. Please, please, go right now to Google Images and just type "caterpillar." It's awesome!

Funny, though, that with all the pictures of all the caterpillars in the whole wide world, I couldn't find one that looked like the little guy that I saw, who was yellow, with extra long fuzzy tufts of hair around the head and the rear end, but with three black dots on his midsection. He looked like he was wearing a little button-up shirt or something. Kind of like this picture, but less like a toothbrush and more like a tuxedo.

Experts: can you help a sister out? I might need to go back there to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.


squidhelmet said...

Oh Polly.

I have been avoiding your blog for a couple of days because I saw you had posted a picture of the new Harry Potter and I didn't want to know anything before I read it.

I just finished this morning and am trying to scrape myself up off the floor. What with the two-year excitement of its coming, the binge-reading that happens when it comes, and the horrible PPD (Post-Potter Depression) that I suffer after it's done, I just don't know what's going to happen to me after book 7.

Your fuzzy caterpillar gives me hope to carry on.

Crystal said...

pols, I loved all the new stuff on your site! The earrings are genius, I especially loved the fruit and the doctor is in ones. I sincerely hope you kept a pair of doctors for yourself, because you are such a fan and everything. Love ya!