Hey, babies. I just updated my crafty website, www.pollyannacowgirl.etsy.com! Check it out. New purses and earrings, etc. Unemployment has been getting the best of me; too many mid-day naps and television binges, surprisingly, don't feed my soul the way I'd like them to. Hence, an increased output of crafts.

I did take a hike at Montana de Oro yesterday, which was nice, but as I was reaching for a lone raspberry about a mile into the Coon Creek trail, I happened upon the biggest snake I've ever seen outside of a pet store. I think it was guarding the raspberry, so I backed away and then ran like the dickens. I don't know what got into me, except that hiking alone sometimes gives me an irrational fear of the boogeyman and his henchmen, which may come in the form of snakes, any animals larger than hamsters, or in the mere rustling of branches.

At least I try, though. Seriously. And I did see some caterpillars which totally rocked my world, so it wasn't a total bust.


Derek said...

I would have done the same thing. I just shudder when I come across something totally gross, and I'm not above running away like a scared rabbit.

sue said...

that purse is amazing. i love the lagniappe of trimmings!