The best things in life are free?

Living with my parents for eight months has given me a false sense of security that I need to shake, pronto. For example, not having to pay rent made it possible for me to live a life of moderate luxury, making purchases that I never would have been able to in the past. However, now that I am deep in debt, unemployed, and paying for a studio in San Francisco, I just have one question:


Oh, I need them so badly.


Crystal said...

Polly, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I have been asking myself the same question lately, especially about shoes and purses. As Derek so aptly said-we need a sugar daddy without the daddy.

Tara said...

Okay now, you have options....you could steal them....get a job at a local starbucks, that way you get free coffee and the shoes......or there is always your Christmas wish list. It is never to early to get one started. And as far as Derek's advice...uh, Sugar Daddies are usually...no pretty much always fat, sweaty, hairy, and obnoxious. I'd rather go barefoot!

ted d. said...

um, I think you can channel that (shoe) suffering into a really great story (about me).