So this is why I'm paying $26,000 a year...

Ahh, relief. After weeks of having that funny feeling in my stomach, I finally attended my grad school orientation this morning. I shouldn't have been such a panicky wuss; everyone was so nice. Much nicer than you'd ever expect graduate students and professors to be. It was a huge blur of information, but my confidence is back! I once again feel like this is something I can do, and less, as David Sedaris so aptly put it, "like a hillbilly baby."

BUT...writing program, fancy writers, friendly professors, kind students; these factors all pale in comparison to an unexpected benefit: FOOD. Now I understand why tuition is so high; instead of a bologna on Wonder bread lunch, we were served the finest of quality sandwiches. I opened my styrofoam box to discover a fresh baguette, encasing turkey, gruyere, and some kind of fig spread (seriously people, fig spread?) and a gorgeous salad of arugula and field greens.

Later, after I returned from getting my new student ID, a glorious party had been set up in the writers' lounge, featuring all manner of beer and wine, a fruit platter that included papaya, blackberries, and mango, as well as all the other standard fruits. There was even Manchego on the cheese platter, for God's sake!

Who are these people? What have I gotten myself into here? Hopefully there will be an adequate education to go along with all these gourmet treats, but at this point I don't really care, as long as I can stuff my face with "free" food.

Oh my god. This guy is walking across the street from my building. He's wearing yellow pants. But here's the thing: he's actually pulling them off. Wonders never cease.


Crystal said...

Congratulations, Polly! I love fig spread and manchego cheese. Did they have any quince paste? I am so jealous! btw, what is the name or your school?

pollyanna cowgirl said...

crystal, it's the california college of the arts, formerly known as california college of arts and crafts. yay!

Tara said...

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Derek said...

26,000? I didn't even know numbers went that high!

pollyanna cowgirl said...

i forgot to mention that i was too nervous to do more than nibble on these victuals...so sad! i wish i could have taken a doggie bag.

ted d. said...

Just to make you feel better, I thought it was much more expensive; though yes, that is a big number.

I know, think of it just as one dollar, twenty-six thousand times. Doesn't that help, no? oh well.

sue said...

hip hip hooray for polly conway! i am so proud of you!

krista said...

Polly, what a relief! When I went to the OCAC orientation alls I got was some grocery store cookies and a laminated student body card that I had to decorate with rubber stamps! What a rip-off! This is what high tuition is meant to be.