Better, better

Okay. I think that I have to blame the hot dog matress for all my recent woes, because I slept on the floor last night, and now I feel like a million bucks. I will be spending all day at various DMV facilities trying to get a legit neighborhood parking permit, but now I am drinking tea and waiting for my furniture to arrive from IKEA (delivery isn't that expensive!) and for the "pest control" people to come and do whatever they do.

As my terror of the outside world had subsided a bit, I opened the blinds a little this morning, and looked out upon the majestic Hotel Majestic. It's a incredible building! It was some rich guy's house in the early 1900's, and it just missed the huge fire caused by the 1904 San Francisco Earthquake by two blocks. It's like living across the street from the White House or something, and the lighting at night is awesome. But, but, here's the most important part; there's a bar! AND, it claims to have one of the most extensive BUTTERFLY collections in the country. Yes, you heard me correctly, butterflies. So, if you want to drink fine cocktails with me while appreciating some perfectly preserved butterflies, please, come visit Sutter Street. It's full of history, dead insects, and ME!

Ooh, IKEA just came, I'm listening to ELO sing in French, and my tea tastes fantastic. God bless America. Things are looking up.


Crystal said...

Polly that sounds fantastic! What did you get from IKEA? I will definetely come drink with you and brush up on my butterfly knowledge.

Derek said...

French ELO! What is that? Is it anything I know, or is there a French album? How wonderful Polly!

Crystal said...

P.S. Polly, whats your new address?

Sarah said...

I want to drink at that bar and look at butterflies!

Glad you got moved ok. We're all moved too, and we have lots of fun toys to put together from IKEA as well.

Hope to see you soon.

Miriam said...

HOORAY! Welcome back to San Francisco! I'm so glad you're feeling better. When I'm in town for Thanksgiving, we have to go get drunk and have Pink-Elephants-on-Parade-style dreams about butterflies.

sue said...

polly, i love your new apartment mansion. how majestic it is! how's the bartender in that bar? does (s)he dress up in a butterfly suit? do they have a majestic drink called "the butterfly?" how awesome lady, this rocks so hard for you - good luck, pretty polly!!!