Not complaining, I swear! I would never do that!

Okay. I'll admit it. I'm a little riled up. I feel, ah, how you say, totally out of it. I have a real problem not feeling settled; anyone remember my original feelings about Whole Foods? That's why I know this will go away, but right now my instincts are telling me, wrongly, of course, to surround myself with snacks and soda cans, curl up into a ball and fall in and out of consciousness until I can cope with whatever it is I'm having a problem with. Culture shock? Adjustment period? Fear of ultimate failure? Lack of furniture?

However, my pinkeye is going away, and my skin looks fabulous. Too bad my newly acquired agoraphobia won't allow me to leave the house. HA!

Oh, and I was awakened by this exchange at 4:17 AM this morning.

Male voice : "Get the fuck out of my motherfucking car! Get out! I don't knooooow you! I don't know the both of you! Now get out of my car! Get...the...fuck...out...of....my...motherfucking...CAR! Did y'all hear me? I'm serious! I don't know you!"

Female voices: "All right, all right, you don't have to yell." I'm just tryin' to get home. I think I dropped my pills in there. Where are we? Now where's my pills at?"

The question is, where's MY pills at? Dear God.


Derek said...

That sounds so charming. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to get home, but I can't find my pills, and some asshole is yelling at me to get out of his car. How quaint! Good luck baby. I know in a short while you'll be out there swinging your fists like the true Irish boxer you are. At least I imagine you to be.

sue said...

i couldn't find my pills yesterday and i told nate that i didn't know him. and then i told him to get the fuck out. then i found my pills and everything was ok. but, he ran away and never came back. bastard pills.