Guess what?!

I think I have pinkeye again.

Sometimes my body likes to tell me things in the most fun ways! Feeling stressed, Polly? Here's a weird rash just to prove it's legit.

Soon my face will be festering with coldsores and acne, just in time for school to start.


Crystal said...

Oh my god, what? We must come up with a cosmetic solution for pinkeye. I recently, too, have started developing stress related acne, and my personal fave, itching like crazy whenever I have to work at the mall. Good times!
Stay strong, Polly!

sue said...

polly, i know what to do! i too got the wonderful rosy eye goo just as renegade brooklyn ended. i researched a cure online and found that camomile tea bags make everything better! also, constantly wash your eyes with cold water and antibacterial soap as well as your hands - that stuff is like the plague!!!

ted d. said...

I get mad styes when I have stress. When I moved to SD I had like 3 styes in a row in portland and another two once I got here.

I recommend not doing anything about it and hoping it just goes away. Oh no, wait, that's the advice that never works.

Derek said...

I'm so sorry Polly! :(