oh, how lucky i am

What a lucky, lucky lady I am. How often does one get the chance to see the legendary Tony Orlando, live and in person, followed by some spooning pigs?

Only at the Mid-State Fair would I get such an opportunity to see the man himself sing "Knock Three Times" (Derek, that's our song!) and Tony's own version of "If You Don't Know Me By Now.

My mom expressed concern that Tony Orlando was not doing well monetarily, and wondered how much Tony Orlando himself actually makes performing on the Budwiser free stage, but I assured her that his love of performing was enough to keep him satisfied.

As for the pigs, I saw a lot of them. Kind of cute. I saw one poop through the fence into its neighbor pig's pen, which I thought was a stroke of genius on the pig's part. Some other pigs seemed to be in a carnal embrace, and the rest were sleeping.

I was too afraid to go into the "Beef Barn," where the cows were kept. Cows are too big, and they give me the heebie jeebies.

I ate: a funnel cake, cotton candy, garlic fries, Dippin' Dots, corn on the cob, ice cream. I think I have to go back, because, one, Air Supply is appearing on the Budweiser free stage, and two, I forgot to get a snow cone.


Crystal said...

pols I will be so sad if you dont see air supply! we just dont have that caliber of performers at the fairs around here.

Derek said...

OOOH Air Supply! I've been going though all of my Records, picking out music for the beach, and I got stuck listening to Air Supply's greatest hits, and it was good. I want you to see them!