I wandered through the Japantown Center today after another questionable apartment experience. Shopping always slows my racing mind. The mall was lined with plants that had hundreds of wishes hanging from them on these colored slips of paper. I could have spent all day reading them.

I know we all have the same basic wishes; to be healthy, happy, good-looking, rich; some of the ones I remember were "I wish for a drum set," "I wish to get into St. Mary's Academy...free!" "I wish to hear from my son that he is doing well." Just simple things. But I was kind of amazed when I saw that someone had the exact same wish as me. "I wish to write a good poem and find true love." If asked, I probably would have said that I wished other things. But really, everything I do is in the hope that those wishes come true. Just one good poem and one true love.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

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