This time, it's PERSONAL...

A terrible thing happened the other day. I was talking to someone, telling them my woes about school and all my little worries, and they were like, "Uh, yeah, I already read that on your blog. Heard it!" I never meant for this blog to be so much about me and my feelings, and for a long time I was trying really hard to write less specifically about ME, but what's going on with ME has really snuck in there and I think the oodles of information about ME is here to stay.

But, I will never, ever, ever post anything about my love life on the internet. Even though it makes for some interesting blogs (check out the genius Hot Toddy's website for proof), I think on the whole, some things are meant to be discussed in person, with certain individuals.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! I'm at Tully's right now because my home internet isn't working, and one of my personal heroes just walked in! A mattress-sign man! Okay, so you all know I'm obsessed with mattress culture and hopefully will become famous for my research on the subject. I've got so many mattress-related projects in the works, it isn't even funny. One of these includes interviewing and possibly photographing the guys who hold the signs on street corners that say "Tempur-pedic Half-Off!" I really want to know what they have to say; I'm sure there are some good stories. I think that sign-holding in general is a fascinating job, and way more brutal than it looks.

"Anyone need a Tempur-pedic bed?" Oooh, he actually asked the whole cafe that question before he walked out the door. So bold. I think you have to be.

By the way, I totally meant for this entire post to be about Ghostbusters II, but I got distracted. Prepare for a GII tirade any day now.


Tara said...

Oh my, no need to explain! Your (and my) posts are about your (our) thoughts and sometimes we, as living souls, have issues that saturate our minds so that at intervals we can't have thoughts about any other object, occurence or matter whatever besides ourselves. Did that make sense? You and those who read your blog have an internet camaraderie. It's an intensive way to stay in touch with those you don't and can't converse with everyday. Like me! And since I can't hear how things are, I can sneak a peek into your communal "journal" and read about the latest in your world.

squidhelmet said...

Maybe sometime you'll get the reverse. Somebody will leave a comment that says "God, Polly! I already heard about this from you in real life! Blog about something else!"