I did it!

One week of graduate school down, innumerable weeks to go! I'm so happy. So far, my classes are fantastic. I think it's a good sign when my first assignment in my first class is to read the latest play by my ultimate favorite modern playwright, Martin McDonagh! Yes, a very good sign. And, what a great play; The Pillowman, in case anyone feels like getting acquainted with some brutal and totally hilarious comedy. And in my other class, I'll be making my own book, typesetting my own writing on a real live letterpress machine thingy. Very exciting.

Next obstacle: finding work. I'm working at school tomorrow, serving up potato salad or something at the graduate student barbecue. I'm actually glad to be working it, instead of having to awkwardly mingle for hours on end with my fellow students, whom I hardly know. I mean, couldn't they have the barbecue at the end of the semester, when I actually have some friends?! Gee whiz. Perhaps I'll just sing that enchanting tune from The King and I: "Getting to know you, getting to know allllll about you, getting to liiiiike you, getting to hope you like meeee!" That should get the point across.


Anonymous said...

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Miriam said...

Yay Polly! Good job! And you're definitely right about those welcome barbeques -- I lost count of the number of times I had the same conversation about where I'm from and which department I'm in. Yecch! Better to serve potato salad.

squidhelmet said...

Serve them their slop and tell them that they are your friends.

Always works for me.

Tara said...

My little girl is all grown up now. Tee-hee! Had a conversation at work today thought I should let you in on. Okay...you know how they call me the Taranator at work? Well Dan hestitated today when someone called me that. Then he questioned, "If we call you the Taranator, do we call Polly the Pollinator?" IDIOT!!!!! Gotta love 'em!

Derek said...

I'm So happy for you! I know you will have a great time in school. And, I wouldn't worry about meeting people, you are truly delicious!
Best of Everything,

some dude said...

For a second I thought slime would be coming out of that picture. Ectoplasm or whatever.