A moment of reflection...

So, I know that this blog is all about me, me, ME, and it's especially been the case lately, since all I've been doing for the last two weeks is pacing around this apartment giving careful consideration to the concerns, thoughts, and problems of yours truly.

But there have been a few short moments when I've put ME on the back burner and tried to put my thoughts with the people in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Their lives aren't going too well right now.

It's always weird when something incredibly awful happens, and you realize that you get to go on with your little life like nothing ever happened; completely unaffected and unburdened. The tragedy can be easy to ignore if you turn off your tv. That's been MY experience, but for people like Sue at www.pillowvspincushion.blogspot.com it's been a little different. She's lost her hometown, had to worry about the health and safety of her immediate family, and has the right to be really angry about the way our government has handled this crisis.

I guess, I just want everybody to just take a second and be aware; think about those who have been affected by this and take a moment to feel compassion and empathy for them. It's not a donation of a million dollars, I know, but it's the tiniest little something that anyone can do. And if you do have a million dollars, click the link to Sue's blog and donate!


Anonymous said...

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Tara said...

Oh my precious little polly-wog....you are just so altruistic. That is why I love thee....but just a quick note....you need to update your post...your friend's website is pinvspincushion.blogspot.com(you left out the blogspot). I tried to visit and it "could not find the website requested". I figured it out though just wanted to let you know so your visitors could be directed to the proper location for their concern and donations. :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

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sue said...

polly, you truly have a heart of gold and i feel honored to be your freind. thank you so much for posting your wonderful "donation" - i love you so much!!!