Anxiety Hodgepodge, vol. 1

Ungh. It's 10:30, I'm drinking dreadful white wine and listening to "The Morning Bell." I think it's tolling for me. School starts tomorrow, for reals, and I've got nerves, again. I'm wearing an inspired ensemble though; something I always thought I would wear to trapeze class once I got a little more skilled. Hot pants, anyone? It gets really hot in this little apartment. Ohhh. Speaking of trapeze, did I ever mention the crazy-ass hippie girl who reveled in giving anyone and everyone full crotch shots? It was just embarassing. Please, for the love of God, woman, don't swing around on a trapeze wearing a skirt and a thong. It just wasn't that kind of class.

I'm hoping that next semester, when things calm down a bit and I can find, as Derek says, some more sugar without the daddy, I'll be able to study more trapeze at this place called Acrosports here. 'Cause, like, I'm all about the mind-body connection, you know? Seriously, though. I really liked learning trapeze; it was really, really physically demanding, and that was a nice challenge, since I'm a real lazy-ass.

Dude. I used the words "crazy-ass" and "lazy-ass" in the same post. Sigh. Either I'm the best writer in the world, or they're going to kick me out at first glance. It's really hard to say.


Crystal said...

Hey Pols, I am expecting a traditional first day of school outfit picture out of your experience tomorrow! Have fun baby!

The Crystal Piece said...


Trapeze? Thong? Did you move to San Francisco, or the streetcar stop behind Finnegan's? Either way, sounds wicked-ass.