I was feeling stir-crazy again today, so I walked about 2 miles each way to see The Aristocrats. Oh, what a great movie. Right up my alley. As Derek can tell you, I have a secret penchant for the crass and profane. I also saw a mind-blowing preview for a Sarah Silverman (genius!) comedy special, directed by Liam Lynch, the mastermind behind Sifl and Olly. I'm very much looking forward to that.

On the way home, I stopped at Japan Center for some agedashi tofu and a bubble tea. I also had to buy these candies, because not only are they the absolute embodiment of all that is aesthetically pleasing to me, but they look just the little candies that the soot balls eat in Spirited Away. Yes, I'm a sucker for marketing. But look how cute!

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ted d. said...

I love agedashi tofu, maybe soon I can visit and eat it there with you like we once did at Hot Pot City.

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