Beloved friends; hello. I have been off the scene for a few days, you know, just school stuff, followed by a restful day at the Marina Dunes Resort...the usual. HA. No, it was my mom's birthday, and my dad is king of finding sweet hotel deals, so he scored us this excellent hotel room right on the water in Marina (near Monterey). It was awesome.

I also had dim sum for the first time today...YUM! Oh my god, that is the way I like to eat. Little plates, little bites! Yank Sing is where I'm taking everyone to impress them from now on, except that we can only order one small plate (all I can afford!). But it'll be delicious, and then we can go to Taco Bell. Fuck yeah!

Oh, speaking of Taco Bell! I was pulling out of the Morgan Hill Taco Bell parking lot yesterday with a steaming hot chicken quesadilla on the passenger seat, when I was backed into by a construction truck! Guess what? It took the back bumper right off! Now my poor car looks like a crazy dune buggy, and my bumper is resting quietly in the back seat.

Beleeeeeeeeeve dat.

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Tara said...

Yes, sweet dim sum....a sort of little samples of all Chinese goods...so you don't have to choose only one. If only all meals could be so motley. And DAMN, that like so totally sucks about your ride..."G". You like how I can go from precise prose to valley to ghetto in 3.5 seconds.