Galoshes of Happiness

I'm concerned that I have been giving off the wrong impression with my posts. The thing is, I'm so ecstatically happy that I can't even fathom it, and for some reason this has caused me to gripe a bit about the little inconveniences of life. I looked up "happiness" on Google Images, and found this lovely piece of art entitled "Galoshes of Happiness." Clearly, these shoes are not galoshes, but slippers; however, the sentiment is there. People, I am wearing the Galoshes of Happiness right now, and they are very comfortable.


sue said...

oh, polly! that is so sweet. i love those happy rubbers!!!

krista said...
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krista said...

sorry about the deleted comment, i don't know what i am doing. I mean to say the picture is so sweet,too, and I am glad you are happy!