General Life Updates from an Adorable Stalker of Whoever Happens to be Walking By my Window

Yesterday I was completely out of commission. Sick with a cold, hung over, emotionally overwhelmed; I mean, what's a girl to do but spend the entire day in bed?

Man, I'm a big baby, but if I see an opening in time to be incredibly lazy and not do what I'm supposed to, I will take that opportunity and run with it. Or, curl up with it, really. It looks like I'll be starting work next week, which definitely means no more day-long naps or unscheduled swooning time. I can't wait to start ringing up groceries again, and no, I'm not kidding. I love passing loaves of bread over the little scanner thingy and putting food into bags. It may be my calling. But then again, I also really like answering phones at medical facilities.

I am nervous, though, that San Francisco customers are going to be, well, more extreme than Portland customers. The shady folks more aggressive, the rich bitches even richer and more demanding. That's okay. I grow more powerful every day, and I will conquer them all.

I'd like to thank all the people who supported me during my DMV fiasco, and I'd like to let you know that while I did not bring the bumper in and demand service, the affair is over and done with, thank heavens.

Right now I'm looking out my window at some elderly folks who are sitting quietly in the sun over where Accordion Man usually sits. This is what I do. I watch the valet park cars at the Hotel Majestic, I watch the bartender; if you are outside my building, I am watching you. I am the worst voyeur ever. Those who have been reading me for years may recall my posts about the across-the-way public sex couple of 2004. At least they were doing something interesting.

The other day these guys caught me looking at them try to pack their ridiculously tiny convertible with golfing equipment and one other guy, who I know from my obsessive voyeurism drives a cab while he's not golfing with his buddies. They were delighted. I felt awkward. Eew. I've got to be more careful.


Crystal said...

Emotionally overwhelmed? Swooning? We need to talk!
P.S. Keep watchin'!

Tara said...

Whoa, Dude! You need to snap out of this funk your in. You're starting to scare me. Only because I am trying to snap out of it myself. Could it be the weather? I am so disappointed in myself. I've been missing kickboxing, I've been forgetting important things (and you know how anal I am), I've just been in such a mire and so damn colorless. HELP!
P.S. Have you been to the post office lately? Don't mean to pester, but I don't want the "postmaster" to "return to sender". Those post office people can sometimes be a little...uh...POSTAL! HA!