Take ME Out!

I may have no money, no job, a car bumper in my kitchen, and a ruined manicure, but these petty worries matter not, because I'm going to see Franz Ferdinand! This will be a monumental event. Hooray!


Derek said...

I'm so glad you are going! Have you talked to Crystal yet? It was great, they are SO Sexy! Crystal and I then went to this really shamefull bar called Dixie, were FF were having their CD release party. Crystal and I were the first civilians in line to have them sign our CDs, so somehow we fit in the grade sceme of things. They were very flirty and cute, but after standing next to a mechanical Bull for and hour and a half, I really just wanted to go home. It was great though. So cute! Have Fun!

Tara said...

The anticipation is killing me!Polly, have you checked your mail? Snail mail that is....because according to www.usps.com, the post man or woman (always good to be p.c.) "attempted to deliver your item at 5:40 pm on October 03, 2005 in SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94109 and a notice was left". So I'm starting to panick that it was delivered to the wrong place....let a sista know.

Crystal said...

Oh Pols, I am so happy that you are going, really the best experience ever. Derek and I kept saying, I wish Polly was here! Remember when we went to the first concert and fell so deeply in love? My heart is breaking that they aren't all my boyfriends.

ted d. said...

I think that's just great that people are still going to see them! Wow! Have fun!

Just kidding- I hope you have had an awesome time and get your parking sticker off your bumper.

Remember, didn't the Fonz rebuilt his motorcycle inside his apartment. Is that what you're slowly going for with this bumper? Is there a hidden agenda?