Luxury Wednesday

Hooray! I just spent a wonderful 24 hours with Crystal, who was passing through on her way to become a glamorous makeup artist in LA.

We pretended we were rich and living lives of total leisure, which actually made for a busy day. We ate breakfast at a sidewalk cafe, browsed in MAC and Shu Uemura (I bought the best eyeshadow of all time) and we experienced the Tokyo Lash Bar, where you hold up these little ice-cube looking squares with fake lashes inside them up to your eyes, and you can see what it would look like! Did I mention we had a decadent day?

Then, on to Nordstrom, where we smelled all the fancy perfumes, and Forever 21, a place with products we could actually afford. We both bought cheap sparkly jewels and the same red dress; it's perfect for the holidays, and for my upcoming trip to the opera! Yesterday was the best day ever, but the best part of it was getting to see the lovely Crystal right here in San Francisco!

Also, I posted a picture of some of the books I've been making at school. My life isn't all fun and games, you know. I mean, I have to go to school, for God's sake, work hard, make...really adorable tiny books out of cute papers? Well...yeah.


Crystal said...

Polly does not lie folks. She tells the truth. And believe her when she says it was the best day ever, 'cause it totally was! I never wanted to leave. I totally recommend the Polly way of life, and I think you all should try it as soon as possible!

ted d. said...

I love that picture of you two so much; together you may be too much.

krista said...

I just have to say that you two are beautiful and so are your cute books!