I miss Chaat House!

Oh, my. Has it been over a week since I have rambled on and on about myself? It appears that it has been. I guess when you're a working woman, there's just less time for that kind of thing. Just kidding! I'll never stop being self-indulgent, no matter how busy I am!

I now handle groceries at what they keep telling me is the seventh busiest Whole Foods in the whole entire world. Seventh, I tell you! and boy, it's rough, but as my landlady Fabiola told me yesterday, "The less time you have to think, the better." Fabiola: she's no Helen, but I love her nonetheless.

Let's all take a moment now and think of dear Helen, and hope that she is dusting her decorations somewhere in Lake Tahoe and being as happy as she knows how. Because, my dears, it's fall; time to eat pomegranates, carve pumpkins, light candles, and eat as much Shahi Paneer as possible.


sue said...

oh god, shahi paneer! i think about my many trips to the chaat house and wish i could fly to pdx just for a taste.

are they still there? and the thai cart?

Derek said...

Great Idea! I'm going there for lunch right now! I wish I could save some for you dear friends far away.

ted d. said...

I miss chaat house too, but that picture took me by surprise.... I felt a little sick looking at it at first :)

pollyanna cowgirl said...

ah, yes, the dual nature of shahi paneer...so delicious, yet so disgusting to look at and think too much about.