The Ravages of Age

Guess what? At the ripe old age of 26, I'm going grey! I started noticing it a few months ago, and the rapid onset of wiry grey hairs is freaking my shit out. I'm not ready.

Therefore, I propose a question to you, dear readers: what color should I dye my hair so no one will know my secret shame?

I think it must be a thing that happens to Conways in their mid-20's. My little brother has a quarter-sized white patch on the back of his head, which appeared out of nowhere last year.

As long as I don't notice any signs of male-pattern baldness, I think I'll be okay.


Miriam said...

I'm going gray too! Only a little bit, but enough to be very disturbing. My body has started the inevitable decline. I'm walking decay.

You should dye your hair red! I've always wanted to do that, but then I'd have to bleach it first and ... too much work.

ted d. said...

Fool, you know I've had gray hair for two years already, of course I am ancient compared to you, but all the same.

I think the stress of relocating to SD brought on the majority of mine and similarly, I blame grad school for yours.

If I leave sd and you leave grad school and we return to selling novelty merchandise, we will _never_ _age_

ted d. said...

ps: I always like you blondie or maybe try white?

sue said...

i agree with ted on the bombshell front - you look stunning as a blonde!!!