serious problems!

Dilemma: I got a new free orchid from work yesterday. It's much less flashy than Original Orchid, but equally beautiful. Remember when I promised my next free orchid to the guy at the Walgreens photo counter? Well, I did.

Here's the problem: if I give it to the Walgreens man, will he be glad, or will he think, "sloppy seconds?" because this orchid is kind of sad compared to the first one? I don't want to insult him.


Miriam said...

You have to give it to him! I guarantee you, it'll make that man's year.

On the other hand, it could also make him stalk you. So I guess it's up to you.

Crystal said...

Polly, unless you want a new unboyfriend, you are not giving that guy your old orchid. It just sends out the wrong message, right? love you!

sue said...

give the orchid to him, but lay down the law, "this was a trash-bound flower that i got for free and it's not a gift because i like you or anything i'm just a nice person that wanted to do something nice for someone else so take it or leave it but please don't stalk me!"


god damn, i love you polly!!!