San Luis Obispo, land of healing waters. Some may mock me for loving it here so much, but they can shove it, because this town has powerful rejuvenatory qualities. I mean, when I get off the freeway, drive past the Home Depot, Starbucks, and Blockbuster, and finally make a left at the Food 4 Less, I am filled with a sense of warmth, and know that I am home at last.

But seriously. I'm lucky to have a little getaway spot, even if it is my parents' house. I come home to relax, fill up on salty snacks, read magazines, watch at least one episode of Law and Order, eat a frozen yogurt, get into some minor squabbles, accept a few guilt trips, and sleep in the same little bedroom that I grew up in. Who wouldn't want to do that?

Last year, when I made the proclamation that I would be moving back here for a time, many were terrified that I would end up staying forever, watching The View and spending all my time at Kennedy Club Fitness. They needn't have worried. While I am lucky enough to have a fabulous family located in a resort-like setting, I don't think I could ever live here for the long term. What can I say, I'm cosmopolitan, a jet-setter, a woman on the go. Uh, yeah.

Pictured: BFF and fellow SLO native Anna Bond with giant plush pizza pillow (featuring removable slice!) that we bought in Japantown right before I moved to SF. I think that level of relaxation can only be achieved with a pizza pillow. Unless the pizza pillow happens to be located in San Luis Obispo.

Gotta go; they're having a sandwich contest on Martha's new show. BLT vs. peanut butter!


some dude said...

I always tell people it'd be a great place to retire in. Probably cuz I couldn't find work there.

sue said...

anna looks so peaceful on her pizza pillow!

fyi - i will be in the presence of miss "my paper crane" herself this weekend - do you need anything? moldy bread, tampon, donut, and tree girl plushies will be at my fingertips and i can probably trade with her - let me know!!!

i love her stuff - it makes me think of you!!!