My first few days back in San Francisco have been a taste of delicious torture; a visit from two bestest friends that ended far too soon.

Highlights included a New Year's Eve drunken origami spree, pink cans of champagne, a trip to Joe's of Westlake, home of the most powerful painting in the Americas, and a rare "eat-in" Taco Bell experience.

Also, I made a quiche, and it was good. One of my New Year's resolutions is to cook more real meals at home. At least once a week. And macaroni and cheese doesn't count. I'll have to start just eating that as a snack. Maybe for breakfast, since the quiche is gone. Yes.


Derek said...

I never though that my feelings would be so perfectly expressed though a painting of clowns.

Derek said...

Emmett Kelly! That is the name of that Clown. I was trying to describe him to someone resently and I couldn't remember his name. It was driving me crazy! This is the second time today that picture has eased my mind. Bless you Polly

ted d. said...

I feel that you are baring (bearing?) good witness to my presence in SFO. This is good.

Jonathan and I are planning a trip to SF in March-ish?

Then we can jam longer and enjoy many more pink canned champagnes.

lms said...

polly: yes we should hang out. we arive in sf on wednesday night, maybe dinner then, with andy, or you and i could hang one of the days during the day.

how will we get ahold of eachother?

oh hell, here's my email: lisasorrentino@gmail.com

email me and we'll exchange #s.

so fun. did i tell you how much he loves the pillow you made?