CCA, CCA, CCA! Give me my joie d'vivre back!

Who would have thought that this desolate warehouse could bring a girl so much joy?

That's right, today I began my second semester of graduate school, and damn, it felt good. I LOVE MY SCHOOL. I forgot how happy it made me, and I feel like my downward-spiraling vacation will soon be a distant memory. It wasn't just my mom getting sick, but other factors that contributed to my general January malaise, or dare I say it, ennui.

Yup, I just dropped the e-bomb. I never thought that midsummer 2005 ennui could be equaled, but I think this might be worse. It's been a rough month. Thank god for the healing powers of higher education!

I walked into the building and felt like I was home; reuniting with all my giggly girlfriends, not getting embarassed when using the phrase "zinger of awesomeness" to describe a great line in someone's poem, meeting nice new people...the rest of my life might be a little rocky right now, but school; well, I know it's the right place for me to be. Yay!


jessica wickens said...

I miss school too. I don't have a class until tomorrow night so I am still in withdrawal mode. It's been an intense and chaotic month off. For you too? Let's trade stories, eh? See you soon.

Derek said...

I'm glad you are now in a position to shake that fucking ennui. It'll getcha. I hope school is all that you need it to be.
Love and other things,

ted d. said...

I think you need to worry more about the rhythm that's gonna getcha, than the ennui.

Myself, my ennui index is at a near record low of 15 out of 250.

I will endevour to mail your package tomorrow. But I am lazy and over worked, so no promises!

maysha said...

Polly - - School revives my spirit too!! Isn't it amazing?....Anyways, I'm glad you are feeling better. Give me a call when you get a chance b/c I lost my cell phone and the new one doesn't have any of my contacts on it. Tootles!!