I am serious about poppies. I had a revelation when I was last in SLO that if I were to get a tattoo, it would be a poppy, or a mussy-tussy of poppies. Do you know what a mussy-tussy is? Well, neither did I, until I thought my mother was making it up and had to consult the internets. A mussy-tussy is a little bouquet of flowers, tied together, often used for weddings.

I've been getting a lot of compliments lately. A slew of them, as it were. It's been really nice, considering that oftentimes I feel like a human slug, or a big slice of Damascus pie. (if you don't know what Damascus pie is, ask Ted. I guess I'm in some supportive environments, which is good. It helps to have people around who make you want to succeed, and also let you know that they like your polka-dot skirt. What I'm trying to say is, contrary to popular belief, I lack confidence in a thousand ways, and it's reassuring to hear nice things from time to time.

To those who are concerned, my mom's health is slowly improving. The mussy-tussy pictured is one I made for her from the poppies in our front yard.


Crystal said...

Dearest Pols,
isn't it great how the world comes to your rescue with the compliments just when you think it won't? Love you-C

Derek said...

Well, I could compliment you all day, and with the utmost of sincerity. I'm so glad that you are getting support. I wish I could be with you. I am still planning on coming down soon. I'll keep you posted.
To my personal mussy-tussy,
with love

sue said...
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sue said...

do you remember that deodorant called tussy? i think they still make it and if i find any i will send you a bouquet!

i love you!!!

ted d. said...

I always thought it was a tussy mussy?