Too Much Mustard!

Thank you, everyone, for your supportive comments and thoughts. Everything should be fine; hopefully soon I will be less one kidney and my mom will be forever indebted to me. :) Or not. But, it will be okay. Thank you, thank you so much. My mom would appreciate all your thoughts, after she thoroughly berated me for discussing her in such a public forum. She has no idea this website exists, and she hates attention! Unlike yours truly.

In fact, she hopes to receive this kidney not from me, but from an anonymous monkey with a gentle heart. The "Anonymous Primate Renal Donation Center" is a cause of great mirth in our family. As she put it, "I don't care about a monkey that I don't even know!" Awesome.

In other news, during my most recent sojourn to SLO Town, I picked up some choice sheet music for my collection, including the pictured "Tres Moutarde." There's even a place on the internet where you can listen to "Tres Moutarde!" It's a jazzy little number. Plus I learned that it could be worth 20 bucks, and I bought it for a mere $3.

As my incense-scented acting coach used to say, "Blessings."


Crystal said...

I'm gonna need the lyrics to that song. I would like to add it to my list of food related songs. So far the list goes:
1. Tap,tap,tap,tapioca from Thoroughly Modern Millie.
Thats it so far!

sue said...

i'm in the wrong hat making business!