My favorite thing about being depressed is getting to identify with this little adorable ball from the Zoloft commercials. Although I don't take Zoloft, I fucking love this ball. He understands my suffering.

Currently I am identifying with this ball a lot, and I'm sorry to everyone who I haven't called back or written back lately.

I feel like I need a cleaning lady, a personal assistant, a personal trainer, a personal chef, a full scholarship, and to keep up with everything right now.

In other news, I got new glasses, and they are awesome.


Crystal said...

Pols, I love ya. The ball with the party hat on in the background is cracking me up! How about a sexy pic of those new glasses?

Derek said...

I love you.

sue said...

i wanna see you in those specs and nothin' else!


ted d. said...

We can't all be the pink one, you know the gayer one with the agenda and all the attention they need.

Anonymous said...

Polly, You are the best! And don't worry about calling me back :) see you in class tomorrow! Love, Anne