World's Dumbest Criminals: Conway Edition

Well, it's finally happened. Evading my parking tickets/traffic violations has finally resulted in this: A WARRANT FOR MY ARREST.

Hear me repent: I am a fool who causes her own needless suffering, and I deserve to pay every penny for my crime.

In other news, before I learned of my status as a wanted woman, I spent the day getting a new social security card and traipsing around Japantown. Yes, I bought some stationery. Yes, I drank a Ramune drink. Yes, I made some Nanoprints.

Yes, it was the best day I've had in a long time, even with the new necessity of posting my own bail.


sue said...

i love japantown! remember when we spent $500 on sticker photos? that was such a blast!!!

um, i love your hair!


Crystal said...

Pols, I can't believe it! What is going to happen? Call me if you need bail!

Jessica W. said...

was a warrant really issued for your arrest? that's crazy! see you "on campus". see you "soon." xo.